Andrew Mundwiller Obtains $350,000.00 Settlement for St. Louis County Woman Injured in Car Crash

On September 8, 2010, our client was traveling from her home to work.  As she entered the intersection of Manchester Road and Sulphur Spring, a car driven by an older woman made a left turn causing the two vehicles to collide.  Our client alleged she had a green light and the older woman failed to yield the right away.  The older woman claimed she was not at fault as our client negligently changed lanes quickly and thus caused the collision.

 As a result of the crash, our client sustained a left scaphoid fracture, but waited eight days to seek medical treatment of her fracture and 20 days to seek treatment of her neck injury.  She developed neck pain, bi-lateral arm pain, and bi-lateral thumb pain and was diagnosed with cervical disc herniationat C4-5 and C5-6 and bi-lateral carpal.

The case was set for trial on June 11, 2012, before Judge David Vincent in St. Louis County, but the parties agreed to a pre-trial mediation.  On April 23, 2012, the parties attempted to mediate the case but were unsuccessful.  However, approximately a week after mediation the parties entered into a settlement for $350,000.00.

Injuries Alleged: Herniated Disc at the C4-5 and C5-6 levels

Bi-lateral Carpal Tunnel, Bi-lateral thumb sprains, and

Left scaphoid fracture

Injuries Detail: Plaintiff alleged a neck injury requiring surgery C5 and C6 cervical fusion, bi-lateral carpal tunnel release, left scaphoid, and future bi-lateral ligament repair.
Special Damages: Past Medical Charges in the amount of $111,877.24. No loss wages were claimed.
Pretrial Demand
First Demand: Policy Limits
First Demand Detail: Plaintiff initially demanded Defendant’s policy limits and Defendant’s insurance carrier rejected Plaintiff’s demand
Last Demand: $350,000.00
Last Demand Detail: Defendant offered to settle the case the week after the unsuccessful mediation for $350,000.00.
Pretrial Offer
First Offer: $20,000.00
First Offer Detail:  
Last Offer: $350,000.00
Last Offer Detail: Defendant offered to settle the case the week after the unsuccessful mediation for $350,000.00.
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