The Truth About the McDonald’s Hot Coffee Case

I would like to encourage everyone to watch the documentry “Hot Coffee” which is currently airing on HBO. This documentry gives more details about the infamous McDonald’s coffee case. Most Americans believe they know the truth, but in reality the truth was distorted. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and other big business interests lied to Americans in an effort to obstruct our Seventh Amendment rights. This documentry is eye opening and its very important we as Americans know when special interests attempt to steal our rights.

Thomas Jefferson said the only right which is more important than our right to vote, is the right to a jury trial. The reason being when we vote we elect others to do our business, when we sit on a jury we participate directly in democracy. Jury trials allow our communities to decide what justice is, not big business. Please visit the posted links below.

Hot Coffee – Trailer

Comments on the Importance of Lawsuits to Protect Americans

Congressman Braley Questions FDA on 7th Amendment

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Supreme Court Justice Alito Visits St. Louis


U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito visted St. Louis today to meet with local attorneys.  Since this was Justice Alito’s first visit to St. Louis, Mr. Mundwiller elected not to press the Justice on the high Court’s recent decision in the AT&T class action case.  Instead, Andrew Mundwiller attempted to keep things light and spoke with Justice Alito on who was more likely to make the MLB playoffs the St. Louis Cardinals or Philadelphia Phillies.  Justice Alito stated he was a Phillies fan as he hails from Trenton, New Jersey.

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Andrew Mundwiller – Now accepting Personal Injury Cases in Illinois


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Special Olympics – Over the Edge

I want to congratulate our office manager, Kim Hutchison on successfully raising over $1,000.00 for Special Olympics Missouri (SOMO).  Kim will rappel off the Lumiere Casino on October  7, 2011 to benefit the brave athletes of Special Olympics Missouri.  The event is titled Over the Edge.  The Over the Edge event is held in St. Louis, Jefferson City, and Kansas City.  This thrilling event is in its third year and is a unique opportunity for SOMO fans to support more than 2,900 local Special Olympics athletes by rappelling down The Four Seasons Hotel at Lumiere Place.

To visit Kim Hutchison’s fundraising page, please visit: Click here to visit Kim’s page.

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Discovering My Clients and Their Stories

March 24 to 27, 2011, I traveled to the Cascade Mountains to be with legendary trial lawyers Gerry Spence and Paul Luvera. These wonderful lawyers have achieved amazing results on behalf of their clients for decades.  I thought perhaps, I could learn some of the clever tricks these great lawyers used to get results for their clients.  What I came to understand is there are no clever tricks or magical speaches to manipulate juries. 

In fact the message was clear, always be honest and sincere with your jury.  I always considered myself to be honest, especially in a courtroom.  Then I thought about all the attorneys that always tried to hide their client or some damaging fact from juries. These attorneys told the jury the story that the attorney wanted to tell. They never told the complete story of their injured client that the jury not only needed, but wanted to hear about. 

In order to know the complete story, the real story, we must listen.   We must climb into their eyes and see what they see. We must feel as our client feels.  Until we know exactly what it is to be our client, we will never know the real truth.  When we become our client we can tell the jury the truth and not just give them a clever speach.

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Missouri Personal Injury Lawyer

Hello and welcome to my Personal Injury website.  Please check back often as I will be adding additional information for your benefit.


- Andrew

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