Shouldn’t Insurance Reform Be Our Focus???



If we stop and think about it, insurance companies are quite clever. 

When our citizens hold these companies responsible in court, what does the insurance industry do? They don’t say, “You know we were wrong, we should have paid that innocent claimant.” Instead they say, that poor person who lost their legs, well, they are greedy and you know that jury that awarded that verdict was just out of control. Then, insurance lobbists manipulate and confuse our lawmakers to pass tort reform (preventing ordinary Americans from their right to a jury trial).   They claim the reason for this is, they don’t want everyone’s rates to go up. What??? They don’t want to collect more money???  (or is it they don’t want to pay out more money?). 

So the lawmakers abide by their master and pass with a rubber stamp whatever the insurance company drafts up.  Surely now all of our rates will go down right? WRONG.  Through record setting profits, they get government bailouts and spend them on lavish vacations for executives. Then rates go down right? NOPE. They stay the same or in most cases increase. America was duped. 

I can imagine no other industry where a citizen is forced to buy a product by law.  Then when it comes time for the citizen to ask for the product they paid for, they are told NO sorry its not our responsibility.  You don’t have X, Y, or Z so we can’t pay.  You know you were probably had an injury at some other point in your life, so DENIED.    Where has this country gone?  To me that sounds like robbery, extortion, trickery.  The type of protection only money can buy, right?

Guess what? They are at it again… More blame on the injured and their advocates.  I suppose it would be much easier if the insurance industry was just honest about what they want: to never be held responsible or have to pay.  They should just push for a law that says citizens must pay their insurance company X amount of dollars every month, but do not ask for coverage if something happens.  Perhaps to paraphraze Steven Colbert (regarding a jury of our peers), shouldn’t insurance companies be judged by other corporations? Aren’t those their peers.  It’s laughable, but in reality we are not far away from being at that point.

I would like to encourage everyone to visit the website below.  This is a new report on how the insurance industry creates its own crises for profit. Meanwhile stealing from the injured and forgotten.


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